Andy Homes of RB describes how blueprint  helped optimize their Sales Capabilities

"I have worked with Julien LeBlanc and the blueprint team for several years and the results have been outstanding.  We have engaged Julien in many ways. We have utilized his services for our own sales and marketing teams in addition to in person and virtual coaching sessions for our premier healthcare partners.  Julien’s ability to assess the needs and objectives of our clients to create customized end to end programs has added value and optimized sales for all stakeholders. The passion Julien infuses into his sessions creates the momentum needed to carry our objectives forward to achieve both short and long term goals.    blueprint’s ability to engage both in person and through technology such as Webex has allowed us to efficiently and effectively deliver programs to clients all over the country. My expectations are continually surpassed with the results delivered through this program I would highly recommend Julien and the blueprint team."

~ Vice President, Strategy and Business Development - Phonak Canada

"I don’t think the words I’m about to type will actually do any justice to the amount of APPRECIATION AND GRATITUDE I have for all of you, but I’m going to try my best.  

It’s not often that you find a partner, whether it be in life, or especially in business that you feel such close alignment with.  The connection between our company and blueprint – but really, with me, for me – is rooted in such trust and admiration for how you’ve all honed your craft. I continue to be mesmerized.  The thought and genuine care you put into helping us not just learn, but really Grow, is astonishing.

Just when I think you’ve raised the bar as high as we can go, you find a way to take it to the next level.  Everyone was practically in tears they left so fulfilled from the learning experience, and then Che finds a way to take it up a notch (so what if he stood on a chair to do it)!

I will close with THANK YOU, because there are no better words left to say."

~ Director, Sales Training - CPG Company

"I just wanted to take some time to personally thank you for completely changing my life. Ever since our three-day session in Parsippany, my mindset has shifted from a partially confused employee pursuing a mundane corporate existence to a world-class business professional with a clear life mission: I want to positively impact people’s  lives.

How am I doing this? By having a growth mindset and sharing it with people who are looking for more.

Why am I doing this? Because I genuinely take pleasure in challenging myself and others to look beyond conventional aspects of life in order to realize dreams."

~ Commercial professional Reckitt Benckiser

"The training was incredible, very hands on. Lots of role playing. What Blueprint was presenting was something you could apply in real world situations. With the experiences I had in the past, it all came together for me during the training. We learned how to sell the solution, and not just come in selling our products which we thought could solve everything. Take the time to talk to the customer and understand their needs and build a solution for them which they understood and could see themselves using.

I've since closed other large deals and I owe much of my success to Blueprint Consultants - without their training, I don't think I would have been able to bring it all together. They are an amazing team. The training was over a few days and that's the first time I wished the training would continue longer."

~ Founder Scrow Consulting

"We use Julien and blueprint Management for development, coaching, and delivery of our sales skill curriculum. They quickly become part of our company as far as knowledge of our industry, company ethics and culture, which gains the trust of all our sales leadership and sales team which helps to shorten the learning curve.

This not only speaks to Julien's capabilities but also to all of the blueprint Management team.  

You won't regret bringing them into help you begin your journey to 'World Class'."

~ Director of Sales Training - McCain Foods, Inc, USA​